Foyo Face® has always been a labor of love. What started out as a personal journey, ended up being a beautiful world wind trip that we've been given the opportunity to share with the world.   
We know caring for one's skin to be an act of self care, which can be beneficial for your overall well-being. With this in mind, we created a line of skincare tools that encourages you to spend more time loving yourself by indulging in a skin care routine. We can all agree that taking care of ourselves is essential, and when we look good, we just feel good!
We currently operate out of our small studio in Oakland, California. We're a family owned, black owned business. We lovingly package and ship our products to you in hopes that they help you to look and feel more beautiful than you already are.🖤#beHUEtiful 
   Much love, 
Vee L. Bell - CEO