Many of the ingredients that are great for your hair, aren't so great for your skin, and can often lead to irritation, breakouts and acne.


Which ingredients are causing my breakouts?


If you have acne prone skin, there are lots of ingredients that can cause a flare up. Many hair products are oil based, which can trigger acne in those who are already prone. Ingredients like petroleum, silicone, cocoa butter, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and lanolin can also trigger acne, especially if left on the skin. Also, many hairsprays that are alcohol-based can be a trigger for breakouts.



How can I tell if a product is breaking me out?

The areas that tend to be affected the most are the hairline, neck, upper back and the shoulders. These areas accumulate residue from products both from inadequate rinsing while showering, but also from pillow cases when sleeping, or sweating while working out.

Should I throw out my shampoo?

Not at all, you paid good money for that! Not only that, many of those acne-causing ingredients are actually wonderful for hair care, and help to repair damaged tresses, so the point is to try to use them in a way that doesn’t cause damage to your skin.
You have total control of the how long these products come in contact with your skin, so try your best to limit how long they stay there, especially on acne prone areas. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the products from your hair when showering. Also, use your face wash and body wash as your last step and make sure to thoroughly cleanse any residue that may be left behind.

Bottom line:

At the end of the day, what’s good for your skin isn’t always good for your face. Try to choose hair products with ingredients that are great for your hair, and maybe not so irritating for your skin. Do what's necessary to limit the contact of said products to your skin. That way, you don't have to sacrifice your face for the health of your hair.

+ Do you believe that your hair products may be the culprit behind your acne? What have you done to prevent it? Share your tips in the comments below!


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